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With our safe, secure, fast and low-cost money transfers, more money makes it home to family and friends - when they need it.

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Since 2009 KlickEx has been connecting families and making money transfers easier.

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Send money from New Zealand and Australia to Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Papua New Guinea, Cook Islands and Vanuatu.

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Select the mobile network you want to send money to
Choose from Digicel, Vodafone, WanTok or SPBD.
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If you have used KlickEx before then simply log in. If not, just sign-up, remembering you will need a photo ID; proof of address or your RSE visa.
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Using the secure portal deposit money from your bank account into your KlickEx Wallet.
Enter the transfer details
Choose whom to send the money transfer to, and select the amount and the reason. Click send.
The transfer has been sent, the recipient receives an SMS to tell them the money has arrived & the sender receives an e-mail.

Thousands of happy families

Love it

"I love that one provider and one login lets me send money to any network. Now when my family changes their phone number, I can still use the same account to send money home."

Tevita- Emerald

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"So quick and easy to get money home. Now I'm set up I can literally send money in a few Klicks."

Mere- Sydney

Awesome service

"This is the ONLY way I send money home to Tonga now, and the biggest reason is that it's easy for my family to get the money back home."

Tupou- Auckland